Flexible Cornice

Fitting decorative mouldings on areas such as bay windows and rounded walls can be tricky. However for those challenging curved wall areas, we have come up with a brand new solution – flexible cornice.

Flexible cornice that bends around walls

For sections of curved wall, materials such as wood and MDF aren’t appropriate and although these can be shaped, the process of bending these is not easy. Traditional cornice materials such as plaster are also difficult if not impossible to bend, so a new solution is needed. This is where a new type of flexible cornice material comes into its own.

Using a special form of rubber latex, we have created cornice that is flexible and bends around curved walls. Due to the flexibility of this material, we have created a brand new range of cornice, in several different styles, designed especially for curved walls.

This is a fantastic solution, suitable for use in the home, hotels, restaurants and a wide variety of other venues. When you are choosing your cornice, do bear in mind that bigger profiles will be less flexible and if you are fitting mouldings around tight corners, it may be best to go for a smaller size.

How to install flexible cornice

Of course you’ll only need flexible cornice to fit around curved wall sections, as for straight walls standard cornice can be used. These profiles are designed to match up and fit perfectly with your flexible cornice.

During installation of your cornice, small headless pins will be needed to hold everything in place. This prevents the material from straightening out whilst you’re fitting your cornice. These pins shouldn’t show through, but you can use a small dab of filler or decorator’s caulk to smooth over and cover any pins that are still visible.  When installing 2 or more pieces, join them together on a flat surface (usinng Extra Fix) before fixing to the curved part of the wall.

Recommended adhesives and paint for cornice

We recommend that you use Extra Fix adhesive for securing joins in your cornice. To fix cornice onto the wall, use either a water based (Decofix Pro) or silicon based adhesive (Decofix Hydro).

For a nice smooth painted finish to your cornice, choose an oil based paint, as this provides a better finish than water based emulsion, having that extra degree of flexibility.

All of our flexible cornice profiles are pre-primed with a quality undercoat primer so are supplied ready for you to paint.

View our flexible mouldings range

We also offer flexible design patterns in our coving profiles as well as dado rails, wall panels and skirting. All profiles are suitable for use outdoors as long as silicon based adhesive is used and special external grade paint applied for the final finish.

Advice on installing flexible cornice

If you need any further advice we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you – please call us on 020 8660 2854.


  • prices quoted are per individual 2m length (exc VAT),(all quoted measurements are metric)
  • “H” = Height (i.e drop down wall), “P” = Projection across ceiling (all in cm’s)
  • manufactured in rubber latex so ideal for bay windows or curved walls.
  • supplied pre-primed with a quality undercoat so painting is quick and easy
  • for the best installation, see our Accessories section for adhesives and tools
  • Usually 2-3 working day delivery nationwide
  • Please make sure you order enough to cover wastage. See our FAQ covering this.