For guaranteed results, please use recommended adhesives as below:


DecoFix Extra (FX200 and FX210) – It is essential to use this adhesive for ALL applications when joining 2 pieces to prevent any shrinkage cracks from appearing in the future. Tip:  Use acetone (nail polish remover) to wipe off any excess.  Available in a 80ml tube (FX210) for small projects (e.g single room), or 300ml cartridge (FX200) for bigger installation jobs.


DecoFix Pro (FDP500) for installation projects on established plaster walls/ceiling (min 3 months dry time).  This is a water-based adhesive supplied in a 310ml cartridge that fits a standard caulking gun.

DecoFix Power (FDP700) for recently plastered walls/ceilings (within the last 3 months and/or lime-based plaster), humid environments (eg bathrooms/kitchens/swimming pool areas); and any exterior use.  This is an MS-Polymer based adhesive that dries white and is paintable.  It will adhere to any porous and non-porous material in any environment and is the strongest adhesive available.  


DecoFiller (FL300)

Specifically formulated for our own mouldings, this is a ready to use lightweight acrylic filler.  Shrink-proof finishing of gaps, cracks and irregularities in profiles or on walls · Rapidly paintable (after 15 min.)

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