Coving Art Hanging system


Hidden Picture Hanging Rails

Would you like the ability to ‘invisibly’ hang your photographs, framed artworks, mirrors etc anywhere on a wall and be able to re-position as often as you like? A picture hanging system is a rail (plus hanging wires and locking picture hooks) that is mounted to a wall or ceiling. Since the hanging wires may be inserted into the rail wherever you like, you always have total flexibility in positioning your artwork anywhere on your wall.

If you are installing new or replacement coving or cornice, first fit the Deco Rail onto the wall and then glue the coving directly onto the rail thus hiding it completely from view. You are then free to add your artwork and move up or down, left or right with zero damage to your walls.  Alternatively, a standard Contour Rail can be fitted directly underneath the cornice with the same displaying options.  

See the short installation guide below: