Decorating with Light

Decorating with light is fun and can provide a living area with a different feel depending on the type of lighting chosen. The ambiance of a room can be affected quite drastically by the lighting. The type of lights that are best to create mood in a room vary in intensity – soft and subdued for a relaxing space and bright for areas where activity/work is to take place. 

Common lighting methods are overhead pendant lights, table lamps, candles, indirect/uplighting cornices, wall lighting, twinkle lights and spotlights. 

Here are some lighting options for anyone looking to decorate with light:

Table/standard lamps

Table and standard lamps are a versatile way to light a room. The range of designs available in these lamps is huge and something suitable can be found to blend well with any interior decorating scheme. Such lamps produce a less harsh light in comparison to overhead lights so they are ideal for reading purposes or when watching TV. Different bulb strengths can be used in different parts of a room if desired. 

Indirect/uplighting cornices

There are two main ways to produce a relaxing mood while lighting an entire area – by using indirect uplighting cornices and wall lighting. Indirect uplighting cornices are becoming more popular being used as the main lighting source of a room. The main advantage is that they cause little glare and create a soft light effect. Cornices produce a soft light by throwing the bright lights onto the ceiling. If interested in these lights you can shop for them at

Wall lighting

Wall lighting allows you to light a room without it being too harsh. The light fixture directs the light onto the wall causing a glowing effect, which is ideal for creating a more relaxed and comfortable feel in the room. There are many different types of wall lighting fixtures to choose from. 


Candles are a classic way to create a romantic, relaxing, and comforting mood. They offer a great way to bring some fresh smells into the mix as well! Candles can be any shape, size, and colour and can be placed in candleholders made of metal or ceramic. Candles can be used as a centrepiece to a kitchen table, or placed throughout the house for soft lighting in corners. When using candles be aware of the safety aspects. They should never be left unattended and must not be used where young children can reach them or knock them over.

Mood lighting

Lighting can alter the entire atmosphere and appeal of a room. If the room is very bright, the mood is going to be livelier when compared to a room with less intense light levels. Various lighting techniques have to be experimented with to achieve the desired look. The range of lighting fittings now available is huge and they can be fitted with bulbs of many types to create varying effects. Have fun and experiment with lighting in your home.