Benefits and Advantages

Need convincing?

We understand that you may have some reservations about these products if you have never used or heard of them before.

Whilst relatively new to the UK, 60% of European builders now specify these products – and with good reason.

They have been fitted to many of the top hotels, restaurants and developments worldwide; the Savoy, Hilton and Intercontinental chain of hotels for example have used them extensively.
Here’s why – view the list of advantages.

Below are just a few of the actual comments from some of our UK customers who have used our products over the last few years:

“This is just a short note to say thank you to you and your team. From the moment we called Davuka you were easy to deal with and took the time to offer advice we found invaluable. With prompt delivery, perfect stock we were already impressed but we could not believe the skill of your fitters who took so much care and attention – I have never seen such professionalism. These people are really special. Our kitchen cost over £250,000 – you and your team made it a fantastic place to entertain. Without reservation we will always recommend you. We have tried others solutions in the past, yours leave them all in the shade.” 25/02/2008

“Received your coving on Fri – excellent delivery, started fitting it Sat, job finished and painted on Sun. Local company quoted £1200 to do the work, your supply was £250 that included tools and fixings, it has totally transformed my hallway, absolutely the easiest coving I have fitted a joy to work with.”

“Just a short note to say how pleased I was with your product. It cuts cleanly and being lightweight it was very easy to install. I phoned through my order about noon on Monday and the package arrived before 9 a.m. the following morning. Excellent!”

“project now complete, coving and dome look excellent, i was (originally) sceptical about the coving but found it a pleasure to fit and it is indistinguishable from ‘the real thing’ – we will certainly use your products again in the future”

“…its a lot cheaper than plaster!”

“As regards to the coving product itself, it is absolutely first class. “

“My new panel effect door frames with your architraves look really good.”

“The quality of the cornice looks great and will look superb in my upper hall.”


To summarise, have a look at the table below which outlines the numerous advantages:
Gypsum (plaster) mouldings Hardened Polyurethane
Difficult to work with – very heavy
Cannot be used on lowered ceilings / plaster board (it is too heavy).
Installation requires at least two people.
Easy to install
Can be installed on any type of ceiling.
Can lower structural weight greatly in big buildings.
Installation can be done by one person.
Time-consuming Installation
A heavy and difficult job that takes a lot of time.
Can be installed up to three times faster.
A lot of water and dust.
Difficult to use for refurbishment.
Only glue is used.
Perfect for new build and refurbishment.
Design features are not very detailed Very detailed design features
Very fragile Strong and durable
Usually delivered ‘wet’
Must be left to dry before installing – for up to two weeks.
Ready for immediate use
Available from stock for next day delivery.
Joints crack No cracks (when using Orac ‘Fix Extra’ on joints)
Not suitable for humid areas Can be used in humid areas
Does not come with a Primer coat Comes pre-primed
Difficult to paint – no smooth surface
Gypsum absorbs the paint – up to three coats are necessary.
Easy to paint – smooth surface
Any kind of effect can be achieved on our products.
Does not absorb paint – only one coat needed.
Difficult to use on curved walls & ceilings Orac Décor range available in flexible format

The nature of the material and the modern moulding process enables a much sharper level of detail to be incorporated in the designs, making it perfect for the home where distinction and elegance is the theme.

Weighing just a fraction of the weight of plaster, it is remarkably strong and resilient to knocks or damage on site or during installation. Consequently these mouldings are quick and easy to install (typically in around half the time compared to plaster, without the need for a second person).

Nor are there the traditional difficulties, mess or wastage, saving the installer time and money. Furthermore there are none of the usual concerns about cracking or shrinkage normally associated with plaster – these ornaments will enhance the look of your home for many years to come.

Pre-primed, ready to paint or stain to the desired finish effect (with only a single coat required), users are realising that without doubt this is now the new ‘traditional’ product material to replace plaster mouldings.

If you would like a hard copy of either the Decor or Axxent brochures or a sample of the material, then please contact us.