127mm Trade Cove Packs

Easy to install and lightweight trade coving

Developers and house builders in the post war housing boom fitted the standard “C-shape” cove in the majority of houses built in this period. Relatively basic, cheap and cheerful, it suited a purpose. Three sizes were prevalent – 4”, 5” and 6” (or 100, 127 and 150mm).

Nowadays by far the most popular is the 5” or, as it is now more commonly known, 127mm coving. Being a uniform profile and without any design pattern, it is extremely simple to put up and so is very popular with plasterers and decorators. It is especially helpful that it is now made in lightweight, thick card faced polyurethane, so is very light but will not dent or break if dropped. With a single coat of paint, it looks exactly like the original gyproc plaster coving.

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