Mounting & Joint Adhesives

For guaranteed adhesion, please use adhesives as below:

Decofix Pro for normal installation projects on established plaster walls/ceiling (min 3 months dry) and minor gap filling.  This is a water based adhesive. Available in cartridge or tub.

Decofix Hydro for recently plastered ceilings (within last 3 months and especially if lime based plaster), humid environments (eg bathrooms); and any exterior use.  This is an MS Polymer based adhesive, which dries white and is paintable.This adhesive will adhere to anything in any environment and is the strongest available.

Extra Fix for when 2 cut pieces of material are being joined together – NOTE:  It is essential to use this adhesive for ALL applications when joining sections to prevent any cracks appearing in future. Use acetone (nail polish remover) to wipe off any excess.  Available in a 80ml tube for small projects (e.g single room), or 310ml cartridge for bigger jobs.

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