5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Decorative Coving

What is Cornice & Coving?

Just to begin with – as some people may be unfamiliar as to what these products are – coving is the name for the plain mould used for decoration, bridging the join between walls and ceilings where cracks can often appear. It is usually of uniform dimensions such as those found in our Axxent range. Cornice is similar to coving although it tends to be more decorative, often with patterns carved into the moulding and with varying projection/drop dimensions, such as seen in our Decor range.

Add Some Style to Finish off a Room

Coving & cornice is perfect for adding interest to the tops of walls, giving them a stylish and elegant finishing touch to really set off a room. It also avoids the décor looking unfinished and as if there is something missing in the detail of the room.

Have a Traditional and Modern Look

Whatever style you’re aiming for – whether it’s traditional (Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Deco) or something more contemporary – decorative coving, cornice and wall panelling is very effective for creating character and enhancing an interior design theme. Also because there are so many different types of wall mouldings, there’s guaranteed to be something to suit all tastes, whether plain or patterned.

So Easy to Install

The process of fitting coving couldn’t be simpler! You can order ready-to-mount mouldings, cut them into shape and glue into place with purpose designed adhesive. You don’t have to be a DIY expert, just read our step by step guide which clearly explains the process of installing your coving.  And we also now offer several profiles with pre-cut corners – currently CX100, CX106, CX123 and CX127 in our Axxent range.

Follow the Lead of The World’s Classiest Interiors

Looking for some design inspiration? Some of the world’s most famous and renowned hotels, restaurants and buildings feature decorative coving and mouldings. Places such as The Dorchester, Claridges & Blenheim Palace boast some of the most beautiful and stunning examples of decorative coving, wall columns and panelling, which add to the prestige and grandeur of the building’s interior.

Add Value to Your Property

Installing an impressive cornice is a great way of taking a bare and uninteresting room into a visually stimulating place, which as an added bonus will add value to your property.  Have a look at some of the roomset designs throughout our site and imagine how boring they would be without the introduction of these decorative features.