Micro Grip hook (2mm)

£3.33 (Incl. VAT : £4.00 )

● For use with 2mm Perlon/Steel Wire
● Self-locking hook fitted with an auto-grip clamping mechanism
● 20kg Maximum Load Capacity
● Quality approved
● 10-Year Warranty

Hanging pictures using Micro Grip

Your picture can be hung from one or two wires depending on frame size. Large frames are more stable when hanging from two wires and Micro Grips at an equal distance from the middle of the frame.

Fitting a Micro Grip to a wire

■ Use a Micro Grip with ARTITEQ 2mm wires or rods only.
■ Pinch the control button and the hook’s housing together.
■ Insert a wire from the top of Micro Grip until approximately 5cm of wire protrudes under the hook.

Setting a Micro Grip to the correct height

■ Always leave at least 5cm of wire protruding below the hook.
■ When making adjustments, remove the frame or support it the way there is no weight hanging on the Micro Grip.
■ Never press the control button if there is a weight hanging on the Micro Grip.
■ Pinch the control button and the hook’s housing together.
■ Slide the hook to the height you need.

Hanging a frame/panel to the Micro Grip

■ Hang the frame on a Micro Grip using D-rings or a wire on the back of the frame.
■ Do not use any sharp objects to fasten the frame to a Micro Grip.

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