C990 ‘Infinity’ cornice

2m (L) x 15.9cm (H) x 21.6cm (P)
£97.47 (Incl. VAT : £116.96 )
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Davuka C990 ‘Infinity’  Cornice – a large asymmetric and captivating C-section coving ideal for larger rooms. This cornice is sometimes termed a “gorge” and is reminiscent of old stylish French country houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. Such an asymmetric profile is ideal to combine with  P9901 or P9900 dado rails.

This cornice can also be installed with the long side on the wall or across the ceiling according to your preference.


Using Correct Adhesives for the C990 ‘Infinity’ cornice – IMPORTANT!

It is essential to use Decofix Ultra FX400 – when joining two sections together (either corners or on a straight run).  This is a high-strength ‘superglue’ that welds the pieces together and guarantees against separation cracks appearing in future years.  

For mounting the coving, we strongly recommend using MS-Polymer Decofix Power FDP700  (dries white and paintable) – especially if any wall or ceiling mounting point has been plastered/skimmed within the last 3 months, or the ambient temperature when fixing is less than 10 degrees Celcius.  

For any sections that require filling, use the FL300 DecoFiller – a product specific filler

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All our products are manufactured in a hardened polyurethane - a more modern and superior material compared to traditional plaster coving, allowing for a much quicker, cleaner and easier installation.  They are pre-primed ready for the finish paint and suitable for installation by anyone with basic DIY skills.  

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